Vibrant Body Mastery / Success Stories

“I feel 20 years younger! My enthusiasm to take the Vibrant Body Sessions with Paulina this winter came from my experience of listening to her Sacred Sound CD almost every night for the past 5 years! It's what saved me through sleeplessness nights of menopause. Paulina"s passion to bring these teachings to the world for woman, is truly a priceless gift. We learned techniques to embrace and love ourselves first. As a healer, mother, partner sometimes we forget how to nurture and love ourselves. Each of us experienced such different and amazing results from these teachings. For me, I have more energy, strength, a capacity to embrace others in a more loving way. I feel 20 years younger and I am very excited for the future as I enter into my 60th year. I am looking forward to a creative, loving future where I feel confident & wise in all parts of my life. Every woman can benefit from more love in their lives. I encourage you to take this opportunity to love yourself by receiving this priceless gift, Vibrant Body Mastery program. ”

Kelowna, BC

Helen Menyes

“I was surprised by the level of energy I had after the Vibrant Body sessions. Also, a sense of peace and serenity moving into the world. I feel more energized, more respectful and grateful towards my body that makes my life possible on earth. And that beautiful positive energy permeates into all aspects of my life. I say to my friends that if you feel your life could be more meaningful, give the Vibrant Body program a try. Make the choice to learn a different way of dealing with hardships and see where it leads you. For me, Paulina's guidance is essential! She is such an intuitive, loving and caring person. Sometimes letting go of past hurts was overwhelming for me, and with her gentle voice, she guided me through my breathing and encouraging me to let go of whatever I was holding on to with love and compassion and be open to a new outcome. with love ”

Edmundston, NB Canada

Andrée Boutot

“The Vibrant Body has most definitely exceeded my expectations. It has greatly impacted my life and over all, well -being in a very positive way. There was a deep pain that I had repressed. Since the course I feel lighter (a weight lifted off my shoulders). Having been someone who has suffered and struggled with anxiety from an early age, I feel so thankful and blessed. In a sense I feel saved. Healed. This isn’t bologna. This is complete truth. At times I get stressed but I now have tools/methods that help me maintain my peace. That helps me feel empowered. The Vibrant Body course is truly a gift that everyone needs. It can truly change your life, it has changed mine and it keeps getting better everyday. Do what you can to take this program because no amount of money can give you what this course can. It is priceless. You can’t put a price tag on your happiness. This course will set your soul free and allow you to live the life you dream of having.”

Honolulu, Hawaii

Jessica Kessel

Vibrant Body Mastery

In this innovative system learn to

  •  Use the power of thoughts and feelings to strengthen, restore and REVITALIZE THE BODY.

  •  Go from auto-critique to PRAISE; this will boost every cell in your body

  •  Discover the secret of not being drained by negative emotions or conflicting stressful situation and experience RENEWED EASE, ENERGY AND JOY!

  •  The Cellular Rejuvenation Technique. Learn a simple and efficient inner healing technique to attain OPTIMAL HEALTH.

  •  Get access to The Love Activation Method. Paulina created a unique and powerful method to self-regulate the PHYSICAL VIBRANCY.

  •  Harness the full potential of your Higher Self, increase your INNER PEACE AND turn on your RADIANCE!

Are you ready for rejuvenation?

  • Sacred Teachings: Paulina Ellis

    Paulina lives in Canada and, over the last 20 years, she has offered powerful Sacred Teachings. She has guided and inspired many to clear what was preventing them from living their greatness. She teaches the important steps on the journey to ALLOWING DIVINE LOVE into your everyday life! Paulina is a Sacred Sound Intuitive who brings people on a profound, loving and healing soundscape experience. She creates inspirational art infused with awakening messages of LOVE.

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